Annotation Strategies
Read : James Baldwin - Letter to my Nephew   1). After reading a few paragraphs or a short section, stop and think about the key ideas. 2) Write these ideas as brief summaries in the margins of the text. You can use “nutshell paraphrases” of 5-7 words to force you to keep your margin notes brief. 3) In addition to your summary notes, you can annotate in the following ways: 1.underline key phrases that signal main ideas (be selective: don’t underline whole paragraphs) new vocabulary words and draw an arrow to the margin, where you define the words 3.note examples of concepts (you can use the abbreviation “Ex.”) 4.comment on the author’s ideas by giving your own opinion. 5.note a personal experience you are reminded of and why. 6.make a connection to another reading or class discussion. 7.draw a picture or graph to illustrate the relationship between main ideas and supporting details. 8.note confusing ideas (?)