Discussion questions short answer 120 to 150 words each NAT and ACL
1. I want to expand on your thoughts and open up a discussion on scalability. This is extremely vital when developing a network architecture plan because you have to factor in the opportunity for growth. It may have been a time where a user on a network had one device and you could consider no other devices connecting to the network yet, today you have to factor in multiple devices that reach your network and communicate at any time during the day. In today's society, many electronic devices on the market have the ability to connect to the Internet whether it is wired or wirelessly. Knowing this simple fact makes the need for scalability is important to the success of a network. Class, think about what you have read this week. How does NAT help with scalability and what does the future look like for NAT?   2. Discuss if it is better to make strict ACLs and let users ask for exceptions, or to use few ACLs and only add them as they are discovered to be needed? What are arguments for both approaches?    Each answer should be 120 to 160 words.  Please do not provide an answer that has been previously used on this or any other site.