Developing a Global Business Plan
Develop a 4-7 page business plan for an international business. A business plan is a written document that describes in detail how a business is going to achieve its goals in order to be successful. A business plan lays out a written plan from a marketing, financial and operational viewpoint. Your business plan must include the following sections: 1.      Executive Summary 2.      Business/company description 3.      Vision/mission 4.      Market Analysis 5.      Analysis of Competition 6.      Description of Organizational Management 7.     Breakdown of the Products and Services 8.      Marketing Plan 9.      The Sales Strategy 10. Request for Funding (If a request for funding is not necessary, describe where the funds to start the business will come from. 11. Financial Projections Be sure to write your plan according to APA guidelines and cite your sources from your research in the content of your plan.