Law Enforcement
Each  student is required to write a APA Style 6th edition term paper that  consist of three (3) full pages of substance, not including the cover  page and reference page.  It  is more important that the 100 level student work on writing mechanics  so that you start to demonstrate critical thinking in your written  communications. Academic writing takes practice and is a process.  The  only way to improve academic writing skills is through practice and  writing papers.  Each  paper must include at least three peer-reviewed journal articles that  support your analysis. Students must format in-text citations and  references in APA Style 6th edition.     Your work will be graded using the CMRJ100 Term Paper Rubric. Make sure that you use the writing rubric as a checklist as you edit your paper and hit on all of the “Exemplary” areas of the rubric.    The paper should be on the  History of US Jails . Please make sure you read the instructions above before you bid on my paper three full pages not including the reference page