Training Program Plan
University of Phoenix Material  Signature Assignment: Training Program Plan* The Training Program Plan project provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a training program that leads to a positive impact on adult learning. You will design and create a training program plan that includes the following components: · Needs or gap analysis · Training program description · Budget  · Stakeholders and goals · Training promotional materials · Program evaluation   Part I – Needs or Gap Analysis   Analyze your identified educational need in your workplace organization by completing a needs or gap analysis. Use a survey or questionnaire, or conduct a focus group to determine needs or gaps. Write a 350- to 700-word analysis of the educational needs at the organization. Include evidence from your survey, questionnaire, or focus group to support your analysis, and explain how a training program will support a positive impact on adult learning.   Part II – Training Program Description   Based on the needs/gap analysis, describe the training program that you will be designing for your workplace organization:  · Define the scope of the training program.  · Describe the intended audience. · Define the program goals. · Define the program objectives. Write a 350-word introduction to the training program explaining how it will produce a positive impact on adult learning. Format the paper consistent with APA guidelines.    Part III – Budget   Create a budget for the training program you are designing for your workplace organization based on the scope, audience, goals, and objectives described in Part II.  Include cost estimates for all the following categories in your budget. Personnel External      staff (e.g., consultants) Materials      or Equipment Technical      support Travel Facilities   Part IV – Stakeholders and Goals    Using the program goals you identified in Part II, create a list of stakeholders aligned to each goal.  Explain the role of each stakeholder in the training program and how you intend to gain their support to produce a positive impact on adult learning for the training program.   Part V – Training Promotional Materials    Create promotional materials for the training program you are developing for your workplace organization. Include the following in your promotional materials: A      marketing message that includes a logo, slogan, and fact sheet Benefits      of the training program, including instructional practices to produce a      positive impact on adult learning An      explanation of how you will communicate and distribute the promotional      materials in your organization   Part VI – Program Evaluation    Create an evaluation for your training program. Include qualitative and quantitative items in your evaluation. Consider using a survey, questionnaire, etc.   Part VII – Implementation    Design a 10- to 15-minute activity based on a training program goal and aligned objective(s). Access the Technology Resources Library to select a presentation tool.  Present the activity in a medium of your choice to the class.