AnyLodgic Predator and prey model
I have the following assignment I need completed using the AnyLogic model file loading in to a Word file for the completed assignment. Only AnyLogic and MS Word files can be used for this assignment. Assignment is to assume we have: Monkeys and Tigers live in a jungle No constraints or limitations on the jungle or food for the monkeys Monkeys' initial population is M = 400, and Tigers' initial population is T = 400 Monkeys' birth rate = ?% of their population per year The only cause for a Monkey death is being eaten by a Tiger Available Monkeys and Tigers meet each other at rate ?% of the total potential Monkey and Tiger meetings, where the Tigers eat the Monkeys. Note, this is important; determine the quantity of different ways each Tiger can meet each Monkey. Tiger birth rate is based on happy Tigers who eat Monkeys; the Tiger birth rate is ?% of the eaten Monkeys per year Tigers die at rate ?% per year Assignment needs to have the following Completed: Build the causal loop based on the assumptions shown above and copy to the report Draw the stocks and flows diagram in AnyLogic and copy to the report Build the model in AnyLogic Define the parameters (M, T, ?, ?, ?, and ?) for each of the following scenarios and present a summary table of the parameters along with the graphs of the stocks: Assume the following: Tigers dominate the jungle by killing all Monkeys before starving; the Tigers all die eventually. Monkeys dominate the jungle while Tigers are starving. Steady state where both Monkeys and Tigers have a steady population; the parameters cannot be zero. I need a professional report including tables and graphs as needed; I will lose points for poor formatting, grammar, spelling, and inadequate content.