Psychology of Social Behavior
Paper Specifics: 3 pages, double-spaced, (I will stop reading after 3 pages). Times New Roman 12 Pt. Ft. Margins must be 1� on all sides. Any paper that only uses examples that are found in the textbook or were reviewed in lecture will receive zero credit. At least 3 sources (including the textbook) must be cited. Original theorist must be cited. Paper is due in class no later than the first 20 minutes of lecture Paper must be submitted to �turn it in� prior to the due date. (Anything with an originality score higher than 30% will not be graded.) 50 points possible. Deductions will be taken for: not following directions, poor grammar or punctuation, incomplete explanation of theory, irrelevant or unclear examples and plagiarism. Please follow all instructions carefully. Choose a social psychological concept from the list of topics we will/have cover/ed this quarter. (posted on blackboard) Look up the theory in our class textbook and review the concept, locate the original theorist work cited in the reference section of the textbook and find it in the library. Conduct a database search of psych info/psych articles and locate a recent research study that is related to the theory you have chosen. Read and review both the original source and the new study. Write a 3-page literature review that clearly defines that concept as explained by the original theorist and reviews the more recent application. Review of recent article must include: type of design, procedure and participants, hypotheses and findings.