Critical Review
PAAS 151 � MODERN CHINESE CULTURE Journal Article/Book Chapter Review (20%) Write a 700 word critical review of an academic journal article or book chapter relevant to the course. The word count does not include references or footnotes. Purpose The purpose of the critical review is to interpret, challenge and analyze the text of an academic journal article or academic book chapter. A critical review goes beyond summarizing the content of a work. It should evaluate and critique the ideas, findings (or results) and conclusion(s). A critical position does not necessarily embrace a negative judgment � rather it inspects the writer�s claims. Selecting the article or book chapter You are expected to find one academic journal article or book chapter focusing on a topic relevant to PAAS 151. The item must be published in English in a peer reviewed academic journal or must appear in an edited (or solely authored) academic book from a reputable publisher. Some of the articles and book chapters (or sections) from the course reading list are suitable for the review as indicated. Alternatively, you can select your own article directly from a good peer reviewed academic journal. See the Reading List for further information about accessing relevant titles. Be careful to select an academic article or academic book chapter and not a book review or editorial introduction. Articles selected from the Economic and Political Weekly or World Literature Today are not acceptable.