KINE 4062 Case Study Standards Met: KINE SLO 1, 4, 5; TExES Domain III
Prairie View A&M University College of Education Department of Health and Kinesiology KINE 4062 Case Study Standards Met: KINE SLO 1, 4, 5; TExES Domain III Assignment Objectives: �To identify current trends/issues/topics within the course content �To synthesize researched information current in the discipline �To analyze or discuss research previously published by others Instructions: Candidates will conduct a case study (research project) on a topic or current trends regarding physical activity and physical disabilities. For example the case study can focus on programs, students with particular disabilities, promotion of lifetime physical fitness, policies, etc. (use your book to assist with topics). On the due date, a Power Point presentation will be uploaded to Taskstream AND eCourses. The presentation must have the following information and format: I. Introduction/Explanation of Topic/Background (3-4 slides) a. What is the significance/importance? b. Identify current statistics/facts/programs c. Provide history of incidence. d. Who is/has been affected? e. Relevance in the U.S./school system/globally. II. Analysis (3-5) a. What does the current research state about your topic? [must have five (5) current (2013-present) peer-reviewed journal articles] b. Use insight while exploring topic [i.e. suggestions to improve the situation, what can be implemented into current programs, etc.] c. Are people getting the necessary assistance? d. How difficult is it to get assistance? e. What changes are needed? III. Conclusion (1 slide) a. What practitioner strategies could be obtained and implemented based on your findings? IV. References (2) a. In APA format list out all references b. References should be included from Intro section as well Other Requirements: The above format is essential to the assignment. Students� presentations should include: 1) At least one video or active hyperlink 2) Animations/Transitions (i.e. use of Power Point tools) 3) Pictures and other graphics related to the text/topic � adequately used and dispersed throughout presentation 4) Format background or use a design template 5) Insert headers on slides 6) A minimum of ten (10) sources are required: a. five (5) or more sources should be a scholarly peer-reviewed journal article b. two (2) or more of the sources should be from books � not eBooks (go to the Library) � not including textbook c. Course textbook d. Three (3) or more the �other� sources: disability/Adapted Physical Education websites, Organizational/Program websites, Government websites, etc. � not including Wikipedia If source requirement is not met, no credit will be given for the assignment. Do not copy & paste information into presentation. Follow general guidelines when preparing a PowerPoint presentation. (e.g. six by six rule: no more than six lines and six words per line)