Discussion Ethical issues
You are the second in command at a city law enforcement agency. Your agency is currently in the promotion cycle with several candidates interested in a Lieutenant�s position that has become available. The agency only has positions at this level come open about once every year. There are two candidates for the position that standout above the rest from the perspective of their service and performance records. Both you and the head of the agency must approve all final promotion decisions. A couple of days before the final decision must be made regarding the promotion you receive a call from the Mayor�s assistance. The assistant tells you that the Mayor would consider it a huge favor if you selected a specific candidate for the Lieutenant�s position, however this individual is not one of the top two candidates being considered. here is the discussion i need you to respond to will start off by saying that I am happy that I am not in a position to make this choice in real life. I hate dilemmas as such. Technically, I only have two choices. I could either go with the option that the Mayor is requesting, or I could hire one of the top two candidates. Being that there are several candidates in the running for the position and many different factors have to be considered on the behalf of each candidate, I would hire the candidate that the Mayor is requesting. As stated in the scenario, the Mayor holds the key to the budget, which has a great impact on the agency as a whole. I would consider the fact that the annual budget review is coming up and that the budget increase is needed for the agency as a whole. Although unethical as well and caused by personal bias and disappointment, the mayor could do some cutbacks on the budget if his pick was not chosen for the position. With cutbacks to the budget, resources that are needed for the agency could be loss, as well as some jobs. I would rather secure the budget so that no one has to think about suffering the loss of a job because of the budget cuts. I think my decision would be in the best interest of the agency as a whole. Evidently, the individual recommended by the mayor is at least in the running for the position, although he may not be one of the top candidates. I will do my best to convince the department�s head to agree with my decision. The mayor will be happy, he will most likely give budget increases, and everyone will at least keep the job they have. Also, as stated, these types of positions come open once a year. The candidates that are interested will most likely still be interested and have another chance at the job. One thing I can say is that when politics get involved, what is known as unethical is considered ethical in order for leaders and individuals in management, and even common citizens, to get what they want. 150 words