Performance Discussion
Now you've seen at least two shows, and will see one more for the final. This discussion post should be based on a different performance than the one you wrote about for your first discussion post, and you will need to see a different performance for your final paper. To help you practice thinking critically about a theatrical performance, we'll reflect on some of the performance aspects of the show and utilize our course readings to frame your response. In your response, please address the following: � Let the class know which performance you saw, and what kind of space it was performed in (Proscenium, Thrust, or Arena). � Reflect on how this type of space affected your audience experience in relation to the actors on stage. Did you feel you were right in the middle of the action, or did you feel removed from them? � Select an actor whose performance you felt was significant. You can talk about one specific moment in the play, or talk about the actor's performance throughout the whole play. (Focus should be given to the performance, not plot elements.) Describe specific things that the actor did to make these moments significant for you. If you thought the acting was good, explain why and how. What did the actor do with their body and voice in order to make these moments work? How did they create strong relationships with other characters onstage? Be specific. � Finally, if you have any questions for your classmates who saw the show, ask it here! This post should discuss a production you saw within this semester (January to now), and should be a different production than you wrote about in your first discussion post. Discussion posts should be at least 300 words and utilize vocabulary from our readings. Focus should be on the performance aspects of the show you viewed, not the plot or technical elements. Please submit your work as a comment to this post. Do not start your own discussion post. After you post your own response, please respond to at least three other students' posts, and feel free to respond to comments on your own post!