ICCPM issues in relation to the GERD project.
Need 1000 words APA Format In Ch.2, we presented Managing Projects With High Complexity by Stephen Hayes and Daniel Bennett and the issues highlighted by ICCPM Roundtables. We the presented few parameters that contribute to project complexity as below. The current forum intends to tackle the complexity issues of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) in more details. You need to discuss these parameters in light of ICCPM issues, explain them in relation to the GERD project. •Details – number of variables and interfaces (What are the variables/changes associated with the GERD Dam in Design and Implementation). List as many of these variables and discuss at least THREE variables that contributed to the complexity •Ambiguity – lack of awareness of events and causality: Give THREE examples from the GERD reflecting the ambiguity. (You may need to discuss this in relation to Stakeholders, Design, Project Funding)•Uncertainty – inability to pre-evaluate actions and Unpredictability the inability to know what will happen (What was the main uncertainty (ONE MAIN ISSUE) in the dam from your point view.•Dynamics – rapid rate of change: Discuss three changes took place during this project•Social structure & Interrelationships – Is there any social dimension to the complexity in the GERD, how?