Week 8 Quiz
WEEK 8 FINAL QUIZ Answer each question thoroughly and clearly, and ground it in course reading material. Essay answers must be more than 3 or 4 brief sentences per paragraph, but kept within the bounds of an essay exam must have (3 to 6 paragraphs) Per question. All your writing must be in your own words. Paraphrase (restate what you read) rather than copying material from course readings or the Internet. No copying is permitted in this course and doing so will result in zero points on the exam. Answers must be written in narrative, paragraph form. Lists and/or sentence fragments also will not receive points. Questions 1). Discuss sleep aids and cough-and-cold remedies as some of the other classes of over-the-counter drugs. 2). Examine the importance of family systems in substance-abuse prevention attempts. 3). What are the behavioral symptoms of marijuana use? 4). Could the public associate a valuable medicinal agent (i.e., a medicine) with the dark world of doping and performance-enhancing drugs? Even worse, could some people accuse these companies of developing drugs that could be misused by athletes as a way of enhancing sales? Discuss the implications. What are some of the principles of effective treatment for substance abuse and dependence? 5). Discuss the components of school-based substance-abuse prevention programs that have worked in the past. 6). Discuss the importance of different sociocultural filters for effective substance-abuse prevention. 7). Based on our current research, who is at greatest risk for alcohol abuse or dependence? 8). Relate the biomedical model of mental illness to the development of psychiatric drugs. 9). Analyze the challenges in designing effective substance-abuse treatment programs.