TECON 360: Poverty in Developing Countries
Term Paper requirement: Your term paper should be no more than 5 pages; typed and double-spaced. The cover/title page and references do not count as part of the 5 pages. The cover/title page should include your paper’s title, name, course title, semester, university and department name, and date. All references should be double-spaced and follow the APA format. This is going to be a survey paper. You should select the title of your term paper related to one of the following (keep in mind though that poverty is multifaceted): education and ability, health and nutrition, family size and structure, gender, culture and race, discrimination, institutions, financial inclusion, geography, trade and investment, brain drain, and foreign aid. As an object of analysis, you may choose a country, US state, or particular region of the world to explore the specific nature and extent of poverty. Include how you believe the causation is true. You should be able to use statistical facts, data, or previous works to support your case. Summarize what you learn and spotlight your messages. Finally, you are encouraged to advise appropriate policy measures and procedures that could help alleviate such poverty and hardship highlighted in your paper.