Ethical theories
You are applying ethical theory here (not opinion). Hacking and the issue of cyber security is currently a major concern. This paper like the other short exercises before the midterm should be two pages, single spaced in length. Your paper should include three things or sections: Part One: Hacking requires getting into a so-called secure system. How is this commonly done? Once inside a system what are some of the things that can be done to the system? Some hacks target physical systems; others target only the cyber elements of a system. Give an example of each? Part Two: The following are recent famous hacks: Stuxnet, DNC (Democratic National Committee), Florida Voting System. Choose one and describe what happened and what kind of hack it was. Part Three: your ethical analysis--that is, what theory of ethics do you find applicable from the ones we have studies and how does it apply. Be careful not just to give me your opinion. Choose a specific theory and apply it. See the chart of theories in the Checklist dealing with ethical theory. Finally: for this exercise you are applying ethical theory as developed from various philosophical traditions and philosophers in this course. You are making ethical judgements based on these and you should reference these theories. Do not simply give opinion without attaching it to one of the theories in the chart presented in class or in class lectures. link below