SWOT ANALYSIS : marketing research project
You will choose a firm or industry that you are interested in solving a marketing research problem (e.g., the company you work for or the company that you are interested in). Assume that the firm has hired you to conduct marketing research on its behalf. Based on the firm and the marketing problem/opportunity that you like to analyze, you will need to design a comprehensive marketing research plan and execute it. Project Idea Samples are below: - Streaming Subscription vs Cable Companies - Whole Foods vs Shop Rite - Hotpot (Restaurant) Marketing Research - Receptiveness to Technology Student Enrichment - Starbucks in China - Amazon Music vs Apple Music - Fidget Spinner - Education & Poverty in Africa - Chipotle vs Qdoba - Lululemon - Apple vs Samsung - Renewal of Newark - MoviePass vs Netflex - Ebay - LinkedIn vs Competitors - Healthy food Champaign for Children SWOT analysis - Pick a firm that you are interested in solving a marketing research project problem - Provide a thorough description of the industry and the firm - Perform a SWOT analysis of the firm and industry. - Think critically about all the possibilities. This should be a very in-depth SWOT analysis. - Based on this information, identify a marketing opportunity/problem and state it in 2-3 sentences. Research the problem using secondary resources and provide a reference.