Prepare a PowerPoint presentation for a one-hour presentation you are teaching to either a group of new coaches or your team. The presentation is about leadership in sport and why it is an important area in the coaching profession. The PowerPoint must be in bullet format such that it is a guide for your lecture since the actual lecture will be part of the notes section. The presentation must include the following: A notes section that has the lecture that you would use for your instruction, this must be in the notes section of the PowerPoint and not a separate document. Web links to other sources useful to the coaches. At least one video that ties to and enhances your presentations. An introduction prior to the first slide of the presentation that describes the intended audience (coaches or players) and why you chose the topic and audience (note this is for me and would not be a slide you show as part of the presentation). Pictures, graphics, and/or charts that will help your audience to understand the concepts and points presented. A reference slide of the sources used(at least 3 OR MORE APA scholarly sources). The presentation should be 26 slides or more and only the simple transition should be used for this presentation, no swirling letters, flying words, etc. Remember this should be designed as an actual hour-long presentation you would teach to the audience of your choice.