HW420: Creating Wellness: Psychological and Spiritual Aspects of Healing
1. Create a 10-12 slide Power Point presentation that will promote spiritual fitness and its implications for wellness in the workplace. The power point must include the following sections: Introduction: Introduce the concept of spirituality. Discuss contributing factors of spirituality on personal and professional levels. Be sure to include descriptions of how the physical and psychological self-impact spirituality. Spiritual Mission Statement: Develop a Spiritual Mission Statement that could be inspiring to you or your co-workers in an employment setting. Explain why this statement could offer spiritual inspiration to you and your colleagues. You can either use a current employment situation or a potential future job setting for this statement. Muscles of the Soul: Choose at least five of the Muscles of the Soul and explain how they can be used to effectively achieve your Mission Statement. Spiritual Activities: Provide at least two examples of exercises, activities, or practices which can improve spiritual fitness in the workplace. Give step by step instructions of how to complete these activities. Provide explanations and any other information that you believe is important to the development of spiritual fitness in the workplace. These activities should directly contribute to your Mission Statement. Be sure to include and cite relevant source material. Summary: Summarize the main points of the presentation. Submitting Your Work Please save your work as a Word 97-2003 document with the proper naming convention: username-HW420-section-unit#exercise.doc