1. How do I start working with you?
  2. To become a writer and start earning today, all you need to do is to create an account here

  3. What kind of work do writers do?
  4. We work around the clock to help individuals and companies around the world to carry out reasearch, write reports and scholary writing.

  5. Why are we recruiting writers?
  6. To be able to serve our clients well we need to pool skills, competences and ideas from different regions and countries.

  7. Why do we ask applicants to create an account online?
  8. Since most of what we do is done online we demand that all people interested in working with us be computer literate and to create an account with us online. This also ensures that writers will work at the comfort of their home.

  9. How do writers get paid?
  10. Our primary currency of operation is the USD($). We therefore demand that all people intending to start working with us must have a PayPal account.

    We use PayPal to process payments for our writers every 14th day. Read more about payments here

  11. How much is a writer paid?
  12. A writer is paid depending the revenue generated from their orders [not commission]. Each Order has its set price thus a writer will earn as much as the sum of all the prices of the orders he/she completes.

    We do not set limits on how much money a writer can earn

  13. What is subcontracting?
  14. Subcontracing is when an approved writer hires unapproved writers to complete his/her orders.

    Subcontracting is not allowed and will lead to a permanent suspension if it is established that a writer has been or is subcontracting.

  15. How do we manage to hire the best of a huge number of applicants daily?
  16. To be able to separate jokers from serious writers we have introduced a refundable fee to be paid on registration. This is because we believe that only serious people will pay will jokers will not.

  17. Can I be allowed to work before my account is approved?
  18. No, Our systems will not allow your to bid or respond to an order if your account is not approved.

  19. How long will I wait before my account is approved?
  20. Accounts are approved immediately after the refundabe fee is paid. Read more about account approval here.