How it works

For clients

To get homework help with us is simple. All you need to do is follow the following simple steps

  1. Register
  2. Post a question
  3. Select a tutor

    To be able to select a bid you will first have to pay a downpayment to the writer who's bid you wish to select.

  4. Download Answer

    To download answer you will have to pay the remaining balance.

    If you download an answer posted by a different tutor from the one you paid downpayment to, you will be required to pay the whole price set by that tutor.

    You will have unlimited access to an answer after paying all the price. Future price changes to answer will not apply to you. You will also be informed in case any update is done to an answer you had purchased.


There may be a time when something goes wrong. We got you covered.

When an answer does not meet the standards you expected or does not follow all the instructions given, you can;

  1. Request that the tutor redo the work at no extra charge,
  2. Assign the work to another tutor and get full refund from first tutor or
  3. Request for refund without the option of reassigning the work

Prices can be negotiated between you and your selected tutor

For Freelancers

Becoming a teacher with us is easy. If you are not a teacher yet you can be one by following the steps below

  1. Register

    To register you must:

    1. Have a PayPal account
    2. Must own a computer/laptop
    3. Must have access to internet
    4. Must be at least a university degree or a diploma holder
    5. Must know how to use google or other search engines
    6. Must know at least one academic writing style (APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian)
    7. Must be able to work at any time of the day and be able to observe deadlines
  2. Accept terms
Bidding Process

There is no limit on the number of bids send by a teacher. However, You can only bid once on a single order.

Bids are selected by the students who post a question

A student must pay a down payment

When your bid is accepted you will be notified by email

You should also see the accepted bids and the downpayment paid when you open your "my bids" section.

You should only start working on an assignment if your bid is selected. There are reasons why we discourage tutors from working on assignments that they have not been paid to do;

  1. The assignment could have been assigned to another teacher thus you have no guarantee that your answer will be purchased
  2. The person who posted the question may have changed mind, therefore, your answer will not be purchased.
  3. Some questions may be overdue rendering the answer useless to the person who asked the question

NOTE: OG Writer and/or our staff do not in anyway influence or interfere with the bid selection process.


After payments are done, we charge a facilitation fee of 30% of GROSS payments.

To cover disputes that may arise from the side of the students, we hold payments for 14 days before releasing the funds to the tutor. When a payment is disputed within the 14 days period we may refund the student if no resolution is reached between the student and the tutor involved. If the matter is resolved and the student closes the dispute before the end of the 14 days window the number of days that the money is held will not change. If there is an active dispute on a payment by the 14th day, the payment will not be released to the tutor until the dispute is closed and admin satisfied that the payment will not be disputed again. That means that the transaction may be held for a period not exceeding 180 days. A dispute on an answer that the student had paid a down payment will affect the funds paid for the down paymnent and both the answer and the down payment will be treated as one. Likewise, a dispute on a down payment will affect the funds (if any) that have been paid for the answer posted by the recipient of the disputed down payment.

If a dispute arises from an already disbursed payment, the funds will be drawn from the Tutor's PayPal account

Important: We encourage teachers to act with speed to resolve all disputes. If a tutor does not show intend to resolve a dispute, we will determine it in favor of the student after 72 hours


An Answer may be purchased more than once. If that happens we will deduct 40% of the gross payments for all subsquent purchases.

If a student is not satisfied with the answer you can update it as many times as possible. Note that any person who had paid for the answer will not be charged to retrieve the updated answer even if the price of the answer has been changed.

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