Case #9, FreshDirect: How Fresh Is It?
This week, you will work on Case #9, FreshDirect: How Fresh Is It? within your text. Keep in mind the structure of your written report as it is critical. All reports begin with an introduction to the case. In it you outline briefly what the company does, how it developed historically, what problems it is experiencing, and how you are going to approach the issues addressing the questions at the end of the case. Do this sequentially by writing, for example, "First, we discuss the environment of Company X...Third, we discuss Company X�s business-level strategy... Last, we provide recommendations for turning around Company X�s business.� Make sure you use plenty of headings and subheadings to structure your analysis. For example, have separate sections on any important conceptual tool you use. Thus, you might have a section on Porter�s five forces model as part of your analysis of the environment. You might offer a separate section on portfolio techniques when analyzing a company�s corporate strategy. Tailor the sections and subsections to the specific issues of importance in the case. In the third part of the case write-up, present your solutions and recommendations. Be comprehensive, and make sure they are in line with the previous analysis so that the recommendations fit together and move logically from one to the next. The recommendations section is very revealing because it shows how much work you put into the case from the quality of your recommendations. Use these four points to address thoroughly in the development of your analysis covering each area in depth: � Complete a comprehensive situational analysis of internal and external environmental factors in each key area: financial, operational, marketing, competition and organizational structure. � Prepare and effectively defend legal, ethical, and socially responsible business decisions that consider all, but not limited to the following: human rights, discrimination, governmental regulations pertinent to commerce and employment policies, corporate philanthropy, sustainable environmental practices, and considers multiple ethical frameworks � Analyze the leadership strategies that improve organizational effectiveness in a global environment. Apply interpretations of a vast variety of the following: leadership theories, trait and style approaches, and considerations of power, influence, coaching and mentoring. � Develop recommendation(s) for a 3-5 year strategy. Provide an overview of the timetable and required resources. � Construct a document in APA 6th edition format effectively demonstrating mastery of written communication with a targeted audience. External sources may be included. Your paper should be 15 pages in length.