Now that you are familiar with three of the main approaches to qualitative analysis (Phenomenological, Case Study, and Grounded Theory) select one that would be best suited for your identified phenomena and sought main question of inquiry. Add to the final project paper (edited M2 Assignment 2: Phenomenon Introduction) the following: First write any/all additional edits and additions to your M2 Assignment 2: Phenomenon Introduction (you will be building on this paper for this assignment). Following this brief literature review, significance of this phenomena, leading to the sub-phenomena of your overall phenomena, provide the overall research question to be explored. Discuss the qualitative approach best suited to answer this question (Phenomenological, Case Study, or Grounded Theory), with supported justification (include citations - your textbook) Provide at least three sub-areas pertaining to your phenomena of inquiry (only for phenomenological designs). Then outline the details of the basic methodology using bullet points (this final part will be further expanded/written-out in your final paper): Proposed population Projected demographics of inclusion. Data collection method and types of data needed (dependent on specific qualitative methodology) Lastly, write-out your personal connections, biases, assumptions, and/or interest in this topic. This will be the "Bracketing" part of your paper. This paper should have then the following content: Introduction of your Phenomena (Use your Paper�s Title for this heading, non-bold) Reinstatement of the phenomenon and its significance Include a brief literature review/background section. The above leads to the over-riding research question and sub-areas of exploration (if a phenomenological study). The best qualitative method to research the over-riding question and sub-areas (include a rationale). Methodology (Simply Outline with bullet points this section): Proposed Population (sample) Identify homogeneous group for the study How plan to solicit participants Number participants and/or entities (Case Study) sought Data collection Types of data to be accrued, congruent with your qualitative approach How plan to get data � procedures Bracketing (write-out fully) Writing hints: Write existing information in Past Verb Tense. Write what the study intends to do is Future Tense. The above �Bolded� Words are the Headings you may use for this assignment. This paper should use the APA Main Research Paper Template (use your edited/revised on-going Major Project Paper to add this information to). You will need to include a Title page, (skip the Abstract), Body section, and then Reference section (remember to only provide references for sources cited). This paper will be from 3 to 5 pages of the body section, excluding the Title page and Reference page, following APA professional writing standards. (NOTE) The main research question is the lived experiences of the management executive use to face foreclosures." would be better worded as: "What are the lived experiences of management executives whose company face foreclosure?" Your sub-areas are also a bit vague and do not seem in line with this methodology. Rather you might have: 1. The executive's relationships with subordinates 2. The executive's self-care practices 3. The executive's relationship with immediate family 4. The executive's operational practices