Write a short report illustrating an example of a project undertaken by a company, municipality, or non-profit organization
Write a short report illustrating an example of a project undertaken by a company, municipality, or non-profit organization demonstrating how this project links to the organization's mission, vision, and values. If possible, show the numerical rationale (NPV, IRR, Payback Period) used as a rationale. Need Help? If you have any questions or comments regarding this assignment, please contact your facilitator or instructor via the discussion boards or directly via email. Instructions on how to access and upload assignments are available via the Help link in the left-hand course menu. NOTE 1: I will provide, via the From Your Instructor Class Discussion, an article from PM Journal, which is case study of a project to harmonize practices for the use of IV pumps at a Canadian healthcare center. Although not in the format of Assignment 1, it does contain an example of a project charter, which may be valuable as guidance for your team project, and it does show how the project connects with the overarching mission of the healthcare center. (Aubry, M., Boulay-Bolduc, M., Richer, M.-C., & Lavoie-Tremblay, M. (2018). Dealing with Uncertainty and Ambiguity in a Complex Project: The Case of Intravenous (IV) Pumps inHealthcare Center. Project Management Journal, 49(1), 110�121. )How this will be graded: Structure, Organization, Ease of reading, Grammar: 2 Points Did you write this to be easy to read? For example, have you avoided huge blocks of text with no headers? Did you use (sparingly but where needed) highlighting (bold, underline, italic text)? Did you follow the structure of the sample Assignment 1? Did you follow the advice given in the lectures and From Your Instructor about the format? Did you follow rules of English grammar, spelling, and syntax? Did you fix errors pointed out via Word�s editing capabilities (e.g. squiggly blue or red underlined text)? Content: 5 Points Did you find an interesting project? Did it come across that you yourself seemed interested in the project? Did you inform the reader about the project so that you could discuss it intelligently with someone else? Did you link the project to the organization�s mission, vision, and values? Did you make assertions, such as �this project was a success�, or �this project is used as an example a to how NOT to run a project�. Did you provide numbers � percentages, monetary amounts, resources used, etc., to make their point? In particular, did you tie into the course content regarding NPV, IRR, Payback Period as suggested? References and resources: 1 Point Did you provide at least 2 references to a business journal or scholarly source to make a connection to the principles of mission, vision, values, benefits realization, charter creation, or other project, program, or portfolio concept? Other things to consider: Did you add value from your own professional and/or personal experience Did you make appropriate use of figures and tables in an appendix? Don't substitute quantity for quality here - one good, relevant, and meaningful small table is worth 100 randomly inserted graphs and charts.