Ethics and Social Responsibility: Mid-Term Exam
Ethics and Social Responsibility Mid-Term Exam Please answer the following questions in a thorough and consistent manner. Citations are not required. Each question is worth 25 points. This is not a timed exam. This exam is due by Sunday, week 4. 1. Explain the concept of business ethics to a 12-year-old child. 2. Your boss asks you to write a 250 word ethics statement for your 15 person financial services business. Please write it here. 3. Your company has a �no gifts� policy. A large international client comes to visit and brings you a gift. You tell them that you cannot accept gifts and the client is offended. What do you do? 4. Do employers have the right to track your web browsing, e-mails, or telephone calls? What about your activity on Facebook? Describe the ethical situation about employee privacy.