MAN 4600- Summer 2019
MAN 4600- Summer 2019 MIDDLE EAST 1. Cover Sheet, Regional project, Students Names, Title, professor, Date 2. Certification of Authorship Assignment Cover Page 3. Table of Content 4. Regional Background, no more than (5) pages. a. Geographical location, map, identify all the countries in the region, population, main languages spoken, religion, cultural and traditional issues b. Political and major legal system of the region, property rights, political rights, operational issues for the region. c. Economic issues for the region, inflation rate, exchange rates, work force, unemployment rate, education and literacy rate, types of economic system, GNP. d. Major trades, governmental influences in trade, regional trading blocs, industries protected by government. e. Industries of the region, tourism, manufacturing, service, etc. f. Trend for the region, political, economic, etc. Identify countries leading the region. g. Significant of the area, Example: tallest building, deepest sea, largest manufacturing, etc. 5. Identify (5) MNC originated from the region and briefly introduce each MNC, background, products, workforce, success and failures, financials, company’s future, one page per MNC for a total of (5) pages. 6. Identify one MNC originated from the region (it can be of the companies from section 2 above) and perform in depth comprehensive analysis of this company. Company’s products, management, organizational structure, financial & human resources, workforce, strategic alliances, what countries doing business, Corp social responsibility, its various alliance, SWOT analysis, success and failures and your recommendation, not exceeding 10 pages. 7. Helpful sites for research a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. m. n. o.