This assessment is designed with two goals in minds. Throughout your time at CQU you will be required to write literature reviews. This assessment will help understand how to identify and interpret the different parts of this written academic communication genre. In addition, you are required to present your knowledge in an essay. As we discussed in the lecture, academic essays are a particular communication genre that is different from other written academic communication genre, such as a report. This assessment provides you with an understanding of how to write academic essays in the future. For this essay you must choose to write about any one of the weekly articles listed on the unit Moodle page. You may not write about articles not listed on the unit Moodle site. The essay must address the following areas: Identify and describe the topic of the research article, Identify and describe the question(s)/problem(s)/issue(s) that the article addresses, Discuss the significance of question(s)/problem(s)/issue(s), Describe major findings/conclusions, and Discuss the significance of the findings for future communication research or management communication practices.