Case Study 1 (week 3) – From HBS Coursepack “Westlake Lanes”
Case Study 1 (week 3) – From HBS Coursepack “Westlake Lanes” Carefully read the case study and complete a 2-3 page paper (double spaced) answering questions that Professor will post Below please find the questions for case study #1. Be concise on your answers. You will not be able to answer all the questions in two to three pages if you're not. When writing a business case response, leave out all the parts you think the reader is likely to skip. Remember "less is more"! What problems does Shelby Givens face when she begins her work at Westlake Lanes in March 2010? What advice would you give her to prepare her first day? (Please answer as concretely as possible!) By the end of the case, what actions has Givens taken to address the problems outlined in Questions (1)? Which of Givens’s actions were appropriate? Were any inappropriate? What other actions might Givens have taken? Consider organizational, marketing, operations, and financial actions. (may be helpful to break each one of the four areas out but not required) Is Westlake Lanes a viable business? What is the required number of customers per day for Westlake Lanes to achieve breakeven in March 2010? By the endpoint of the case, the business is cash flow positive. How should Givens evaluate whether to build, sell, or liquidate the business? What information does she need to make this decision? What is your assessment of the alternative opportunities that Givens begins to consider by the end of the case?